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About Peter Milner

I grew up in a family of three boys in Winston-Salem, NC, on the campus of Wake Forest University. I have always had a deep love for people – who they are as individuals, where they come from, and the journey that they are on. This love was kindled at an early age, as I grew up in a home filled with love among my parents and brothers. My deep family ties instilled in me a deep connection to the inherent value in people, and a deeper vision for forging a lifetime of service, as well as working in and for the local community I am a part of. God’s road map lead me to ask the love of my life, Anna, to be my wife in 2001, and we have since had two beautiful children together, Silas and Josie. (We also have two dogs at home, a calm Great Dane named Lyssa, and a rambunctious golden-doodle named Beatrice.) Upon graduation from Duke Divinity School in 2004, I found my calling to serve with my new degree within the State Senate of North Carolina. In 2011, I was appointed Senate Chaplain with the purpose of serving our leaders as they led and guided our State. This experience tapped into another facet of my personality, which is supporting people through difficult times of decision-making.

Ā After many, many years of serving the Raleigh community and the greater metro area, I have now transitioned quite successfully into the field of Real Estate. Since becoming a realtor just a short time ago, I have negotiated multi-million dollar deals, closed on $40,000+ parcels of land in the South Raleigh region, and helped many people move into the homes of their dreams, including a dear friend of mine who now lives in Knightdale, NC. I have lived in Midtown Raleigh and North Raleigh, but I have broad experience that crosses lines as far as Durham, Apex, and Cary, NC. Ultimately, the bottom line is this. I love what I do. And I am ready to help you, work alongside you, laugh, smile, and rejoice with you in your experience of finding your new dwelling place – and my experience well qualifies me to do the hard work tied to that process.

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