About Peter Milner

I grew up in a family of three boys in Winston-Salem, NC, on the campus of Wake Forest University. I loved our home. I loved the long windows that went almost to the ceiling. I never realized how much architecture can impact the experience of a home! 

After 16 years of serving in the Raleigh community, and the greater metro area, I have now come back to my first love, home! My first years in Real Estate were with AllenTate Realtors, a fantastic firm which solidified and trained me towards excellence and customer service. In 2021 I have taken a new step and joined Premier Agents Network, to get an even greater boost to business, and learn from other agents that are within our group.

Since becoming a realtor in 2016, I have negotiated multi-million dollar deals, closed on $40,000+ parcels of land in the South Raleigh region, and helped a client snag a great townhome in the North Ridge area of Raleigh. One of my clients spent only 3 years in their downtown home, and in that time, they made $100,000 in profit from their investment. And that is one of the others reasons I love real estate. Real Estate is a great building block for financial stability. 

I am ready to help you, work alongside you, laugh, smile, and rejoice with you in your experience of finding your home – and help you take steps to get across that bridge of the unknown, and into your future.