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Use a professional

A Knowledgeable Professional

Gone are the days when selling a home meant putting an ad in the paper and sticking a sign in the yard. Today, selling a home means using the Internet, social media and an integrated marketing plan. You’ll want to partner with a professional like me who has expertise in pricing, marketing and negotiation, and associated with a company that can offer the support needed for a successful real estate transaction.

I’ll be here to guide you through the process of selling your home and provide the insights and experience you’ll need for a successful sale.

Know your home's value

I can help determine what your home is worth.

Perhaps the most important step in selling a home is setting the right price. Many factors go into determining the price for your home – among them the condition of your home, location and the selling price of comparable properties in your area. Knowledge of the current market determines a lot of your decision making. The current market is considered “quite hot.” It is, therefore, even more important to have the help of a professional. Before you put your home on the market, I will provide a free pre-market consultation and a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). I will then be able to recommend the price, keeping in mind that the price must be in line with the price of comparable properties and realistic enough to encourage buyers to make a purchase offer. I offer the CMA at no cost or obligation.

As a reminder, this current market is incredibly hot. For this reason, now more than ever, it is important for you to have a seasoned professional. Why, you may ask? Well, I will tell you. The reason you want to list your home with me, or another agent, is because we believe in the importance of competition. In the free market, competition drives the market. If you place a home on the market for $425,000, the more offers you receive, the more likely the offer will come in above the asking price of $425,000. I just sold a home for $25,000 over asking price, and this was made possible because there was so much competition. The agent is the key to marketing your home in such a way to make it competitive. I will cover more of this in the marketing section!

Have your home prepared

Let’s prepare your home for sale.

I can suggest simple improvements that can give your home a competitive edge, help your home sell quickly and help you get the most for your home. I have the experience to know what changes and improvements can make a difference to potential buyers. I understand that a memorable, uncluttered home in good condition is a major draw in today’s marketplace. Remember that the condition of your home is a variable over which you have control. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes – most buyers want a home in move-in condition.

I will help you make the most of your home and ensure it is attractive to buyers.

Market your home

Marketing Your Home

Tools and technology have forever changed the way homes are sold. More than 92 percent of potential buyers now use the Internet to start the home buying process. The tools I can provide put your home in front of a vast audience. Millions upon  millions visitors come to our website,, each year.

Our exclusive photo tour allows buyers to walk virtually through your home from any computer or mobile device. I’ll show off your home with professional photographs and provide the information your buyers are looking for. And, our full-screen viewer allows buyers to see the photographs on your online listing in stunning detail.

Buyers can also take a video tour of your home. Videos are posted to real estate search sites and YouTube, making your home’s listing available to even more potential buyers. Plus, video allows buyers to “tour” your home before they visit in person. There is also the potential added exposure of buyers sharing video with friends via social media.

Reach interested buyers

More exposure for your home.

I will mail a color postcard announcing your newly listed home to at least 50 people in your surrounding area. This kind of coverage

Buyers who are interested in specific neighborhoods or types of homes can sign up for 1st to Know, an email alert that lets them know just as soon as the kind of home they’re looking for hits the market.

Real estate is a people business and I believe in powerful personal engagement. You’ll find me on InstagramTwitterPinterest and LinkedIn, driving even more potential buyers to your property.

Expertise with offers and negotiations

Let me handle the offers and negotiations.

A buyer who is interested in your home will make an offer to me through his or her own agent. The offer may not be what you expect, but I can help you decide to reject, counter or accept any offer that is presented. Together, we’ll decide if the offer will work for you. I am there as your advocate in this process and will negotiate for you.

You can count on me to protect your interests and offer my expertise.

I will also review all contracts and explain them before you sign. Once an offer is accepted, I will lead you through the process, from signing the contract to the official transfer of ownership to the buyer.

Contact me today and let’s get started!

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