I have lived in Raleigh for 20 years now. Feels like I have always lived here. But there is a buzz right now. There are people moving from San Francisco, from Florida, and they sure are moving from the cold weather in New York. The image of an anchor is an image that we need right now. Anchors represent solidity, poise, and steadfastness. In a hustle and bustle market, a real estate agent must be someone that stands still amidst the chaos. Moreover, I have chosen an anchor to represent 2022. The time has come. As things swirl around us, like blustery winds, we need an anchor. We need a place to put our bags down to relax.  We all need to build stability.  Buying a home provides an anchor not just for our lives, but for our body and soul. Purchasing real estate gives us a place from which to work, a place from which to entertain, and to invite friends. Buying a home, whether it is our 5th, or 1st, is a difficult process, and a confusing process. But ultimately, it gives us stability. Somehow this gives us hope. In a changing world, in the sands of change, the anchor of a home can make all the difference.


If you click this link, it will give you further data on the changing region. In this area of the world, great schools, good weather, and good jobs all combine for a pressure cooker. As stated in the article, there is a prediction that we will see a 24% increase in home values. Because I am in the market, I think this number might even be low. Just two months ago I got my clients 15% of an increase just during a budding war. In another house I purchased with a client, I have seen his home value go from $290,000 to $400,000 in less than one year. Get in touch if you want to find out more. It is time to drop an anchor!