I love Basketball. One of my first memories was focused around basketball. I remember listening to the ball bounce outside as my dad and two brothers clanked the ball off the wooden backboard in our backyard. 

Basketball is one of my favorite things to do. I especially love playing with my son and father. When I see three generations of basketball players on the court at once, I’m reminded of how much basketball has meant to me in the past and how I want it to be part of my life in the future.

As a real estate agent in the Raleigh, NC area, I’ve found that basketball has some connections to my profession. Now, you may be thinking, “Seriously, Peter? What does basketball have to do with helping people buy or sell a house?”

I’d like to show you in this blog post. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned about being a better real estate agent, courtesy of basketball.

Take the stress off of the proces

Basketball is a stress-relieving activity for me. The exercise, the strategy, and the precision that all work together to form this beautiful game help me unwind after a hard day’s work. 

For many, the homebuying process is stressful. My goal is to help relieve some of that stress, just like the game of basketball relieves my stress. 

Selling a house is also stressful. As a real estate agent, I believe that one of my goals is to listen to my clients. As I listen, we solve problems together. As problems are solved, the stress is drained a bit. 

When I can see that my clients are struggling, it’s quite easy for me to be empathetic. I have been in their shoes, several times. And so, as I listen, and as I problem solve, and as I show them empathy, their stress levels (hopefully) decrease. Lastly, being a real estate agent requires me to be there for clients to help answer any questions they may have.

Remember that it’s about families

I cherish the times when I play basketball with my family. The act of competing with or against them is a solid reminder of how important they are in my life. It’s the shared experiences in life that bond us with one another, and I’m thankful for those times on the court with them.

Living in a house with your family is also a shared experience that can draw you closer to one another. The sights, sounds, and smells of your home will stick in your family’s collective memory (provided that you’re there a while) for years to come.

I don’t take lightly the responsibility of helping families find the right home.I know that for many, the stories that take place in their new homes will be told for generations. This is why I want to help NC homebuyers find a house that works well for their family.   

Keep the future in mind

I hope I’ll be playing basketball until I can no longer physically move well enough to play the game. It’s so rewarding that I have a hard time picturing my life without it.

Like basketball is important to my future, buying or selling a house is important to the future of my clients. For home sellers, I want them to sell their house fast, so they can move on to their next adventure. And for homebuyers, I want to find them a house where they can happily live for years and years. 

Don’t forget the importance of the past

I’ve been playing basketball since I was a kid. Those early years were filled with valuable lessons about the game that, once mastered, have helped me become pretty darn good at it. The past is important – in basketball and in real estate.

Raleigh has a lot of old homes and neighborhoods that shouldn’t be discounted. The history of NC houses gives them character and a physical link to the past in an ever-changing world. Wake County was established in 1771, and while I’ve never sold a house that old, I have sold plenty of houses that were made 30+ years ago. It’s crazy to think how much has happened in the world since those houses were built. An older house reminds us of those changes.

I’ve seen houses that were passed from one generation to the next. When that happens, folks can see their familial history in the place. It’s a beautiful thing.

When you hear that metaphorical buzzer on the closing day of a house that you buy or sell, I hope I’m able to be there with you. And if you ever want to meet about buying or selling a house (or playing a game of basketball), feel free to give me a call: (919) 793-3732