Can being a good father (or mother) help you when it comes to finding a house? I think it can. Because in some ways, house hunting and parenting are similar.

As a real estate agent in Raleigh, NC, I can help you find and buy a house you’ll love. And while I love what I do, my greatest privilege in life is being a father of two fantastic kids. 

Successfully navigating both fatherhood and real estate are learned skills that share some similarities.

Many of my clients are parents, but they don’t know a lot about real estate. Fortunately, being a parent has already prepared you for finding and buying a house. 

Here are some similarities shared by parenting and real estate.

1. Don’t be surprised by surprises

The homebuying process comes with surprises. Sometimes that shows up in the form of due diligence costs that are higher than you expected. Other times it shows as hidden repairs that you didn’t realize were needed until after a home inspection. 

But the surprises aren’t always negative. Sometimes a surprise shows as a pleasant feature you didn’t realize came with a house until you visited it.

Similarly, kids are full of surprises. Sometimes those surprises are great, other times they’re not-so-great. I’m not sure how the percentage between the two breaks down, but I like to think there have been far more enjoyable surprises than not as a parent.

2. Persistence pays off

It can be really difficult to find the right house for you. It can also be difficult to stay up at all hours of the night with a crying baby or a sick 10-year-old. But eventually, you end up with a beautiful house, a well-adjusted young adult, or both. 

3. Know where you’re willing to compromise, and where you aren’t

No house is perfect, so you have to know where you’re willing to adjust your requirements. But you should also know what your must-haves in a house include.

A house with three bedrooms? That may be a must. A house with one sink in the guest bathroom instead of two? That may be an area where you can compromise.

Knowing where you can and can’t compromise as a parent is useful, too. 

Letting your kids stay up late once-in-a-while on a school night? Sure. Letting them have a sword fight with kitchen knives? Absolutely not.

4. Ask questions from someone who has been there

You’ll likely have questions when you’re trying to buy a house. That’s why it’s good to have a knowledgeable real estate agent (like me) whom you can turn to for advice. I love answering questions about buying houses because I’ve gone through this process many times before with other folks. 

The best advice I’ve ever gotten has come from someone who has experience in the thing I’m trying to do.

That’s why I’ve asked my parents a lot of parenting questions over the years. For good reason–I have great parents, and I hope to live up to their legacy. 

And again, if I can help answer your real-estate-related questions, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to call me (919-793-3732) or send me an email ([email protected]). 

If, however, you need help with answers related to parenting, I would say give my parents a call, but I don’t think they’d appreciate me posting their contact info.