Are you stressed out at the thought of choosing a real estate agent to work with in Raleigh, NC? Finding a house is often no easy task, but it’s much easier if you pick the right partner to help. 

While plenty of real estate agents are great at what they do, you could accidentally start working with someone who isn’t as competent as others. This means you could waste a lot of time. 

To keep this from happening, you need to know what to look for in a real estate agent. My experience as a real estate agent has taught me that the best of us share some common traits.

1. They have a solid reputation

Before you reach out to anyone, research them online. Many real estate agents are going to have positive reviews on their site or on Google. These can be helpful to see. But in addition to reading their reviews online, talk to people. Do you know anyone who is familiar with this real estate agent? What’s their opinion of him or her? 

2. They know the costs that come with real estate

You’d expect your real estate agent to know the industry jargon, such as due diligence or repair agreements. But do they know how much liquid cash you should keep handy for dealing with due diligence, repair agreements, and a host of other real estate terms that might involve spending money?  

3. They share what they know

Is your real estate agent willing to share their knowledge with you or are they put off when you ask questions? And when you have questions, do they provide helpful answers? If one or more of these answers is “No,” then I’d suggest finding someone else.

It’s important to me that my clients benefit from my real estate experience. This is why I try to teach my clients how to buy a house, rather than just showing them a bunch of houses. 

4. They know the area

Can your real estate agent tell you which areas are the most affordable? Or have the best schools? Or are within walking distance of a good coffee shop? 

If you want to find a house that’s the right fit for you and your family, it’s helpful to work with someone who really knows the area where you’re planning to live.

I’ve called the Raleigh area home for over 20 years, and I’ve explored its neighborhoods thoroughly. I know the people here, the businesses, the parks, the schools–all the stuff you’d hope a real estate agent would know. This gives me the ability to help people determine where they want to live.

While agents who aren’t as familiar with the area aren’t necessarily bad at their job, I think agents who have this knowledge can do more to help you find a house. 

That said, if you want some home-buying assistance, please reach out to me: 919-793-3732 or [email protected].