Daniel Alexander

I’m a big fan of Peter Milner. He’s an extremely personable guy that is also a great listener and will help anyone tackle their goals. He also understands the Triangle area well and knows how to make things happen.

Jeni Zeller

Peter was fantastic to work with in this tough housing market. He was able to negotiate an offer that was accepted even though the house we were moving from hadn’t sold yet. We moved here from out of state and he was so great to respond quickly and arrange inspections and things we couldn’t do being hundred of miles away. I would highly recommend working with Peter. It’ll feel like you are working with a friend who’s looking out for you.

Amelia Warner

Peter is accommodating, knowledgable, honest, and conscientious. He works through issues with kindness and diplomacy. He has a deep network and works hard to assure his clients are taken care of and are happy. We loved working with Peter!

Amy Hudson

My experience of finding and buying my first home was both a surprising and really fun time! Knowing Peter first as an acquaintance and then becoming professionally connected thereafter with him through Allen Tate was honestly a great experience for me. Being a first-time home buyer is a big deal and throughout the process Peter represented Allen Tate so very well. Peter provided very thorough, researched and prompt replies to my inquiries throughout the process. I learned a ton about the hows and whys of the many aspects of home buying. Peter did a wonderful job of researching and providing the details and answers to my questions (and I had a lot of questions!) throughout the process. Home-buying is not for the faint of heart; there’s a lot involved! Let Peter Milner with Allen Tate walk with you through it and you’ll be in good hands!

Matt & Toni

Peter is a wonderful person and an excellent realtor – I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home in the Raleigh metro area. My wife and I bought a house in Wake Forest after canvassing Raleigh, Garner, Cary, etc. with Peter’s insider knowledge of the area. He took the time to understand what we really wanted in our new home and tirelessly presented us with thoughtful options. We couldn’t be more happy and excited about our purchase and feel that we made the right choice for this big investment. Thank you Peter for your support and guidance through this journey! All our best, Matt and Toni

Lacy Lowder

Peter Milner was great to work with in finding the right home for me. I appreciate his care in guiding me through this process and the time he took to help me understand all the pieces to a home search. Any home search is not an easy one and can sometimes take longer than expected because it is such a hot market in Raleigh, but Peter assured me that I would find the right home. I am happy to tell you I did find the right home and feel incredibly at peace about it. A huge thank you to Peter for seeing me through to the end and finding a place I can truly call home. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to start their home search.

Rhonda Goolsby Todd

Peter Milner is truly the body of Christ! He has the purest of heart, the strongest of faith, and most delightfully contagious personality. Peter sheds salt and light in a sometimes-dark world. Peter intercedes in prayer on behalf of legislators, staff, and constituents. He truly talks the talk and walks the walk! I am inept in my attempts to convey the spirit of Peter – his goodness and genuine love for the Lord is inspiring. What a blessing for the North Carolina General Assembly to witness and guidance of Peter’s pastoral counseling and daily encouragement. He is such a calming force during the most hectic days.

Patrick Patton

Peter served as a terrific resource during our entire process of buying our home. He was very supportive and patient as we weighed our options in the year and a half before we began officially looking at homes. He also explained all the basic parts of buying a home that we, as firs-time home buyers, had no clue about. His excellent work also allowed us to have our very first offer accepted. While we were under contract he also was invaluable in arranging the home inspection and serving as our representative. We knew he had our best interest at heart. We will continue to recommend Peter to anyone we know who needs the tallest and best realtor in the Triangle.